↓ identifier: N-Holzer-20220430-1100-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Holzer-20220430-1100-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing

Something to be re-played, but in a different functional set up.

↓ notes

I practice an ecology of notations consisting of a text, a score and a photo: 1.) text: a rather shadow writing 2.) score: The coolness of the shadow and the warmness of the sun appeared for me. The blackness of the shadow. Black as the clothes I brought with me. Dryness and humidity. Warmth and coolness. I start moving to connect and experience the place more. As soon as I stand up there is a shadow. I dance with my shadow. There is a shadowy place I go there. The earth is soft and cool. It is a bit sucked with liquid. The stones are cool. I feel the temperature through my skin. On my skin. Finding some feathers of a hunted bird. Black. I place my clothes beside. 3.) photo: My dear shadow your are not the ground (nicht am grund der bilder) I want to lay beside the clothes and breath. I turn to the light and bend my self back inwards to the shadowless, coolness.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

I am sitting close to a tree with two trunks. It is a garden. A wide open field of grass in front of me. On the grass is sun. The trees give me shadow. Soft breezes. Sounds of animals and the city from a close distant. Many birds singing. Potential atmosphere of promises. And liveliness.

artifacts of notation

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